You start out telling us how you lost $4,800 worth of bitcoin, purely because it is a virtual currency, then tell us how “immutable” it is, and how it will replace real money. No problem: just make it illegal for banks to deal with bitcoins or other virtual, made up currencies. Problem solved; bitcoin value returns to zero.

How this is supposed to end the Nation-State is not made clear: apparently you think the only thing governments do is print money, and defence. There’s a few other functions that people find worthwhile: border control, policing, public Education, Health, and welfare, for a start. If you think the nation-state will wither away, and you think that is a good thing, consider those territories where the government has withered away: South Sudan has zero government, and going down the list they become slightly healthier, but are certainly fragile if not failed states.

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  1. South Sudan (+1)
  1. Somalia (-1)
  1. Central African Republic (0)
  1. Yemen (+1)
  1. Sudan (+1)
  1. Syria (0)
  1. Democratic Republic of the Congo (+1)
  1. Chad (+1)
  1. Afghanistan (0)
  1. Iraq (+1)
  1. Haiti (-1)
  1. Guinea (0)
  1. Nigeria (0)
  1. Zimbabwe (+2)
  1. Ethiopia (+9)
  1. Guinea-Bissau (+1)
  1. Burundi (-2)
  1. Pakistan (-4)
  1. Eritrea (+1)
  1. Niger (0)

You are welcome to go to any of these and enjoy their utopian status after their Nation State failed.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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