You may not be aware that President Obama said that Trans men presenting as women were allowed to used the women’s toilets and showers in all Government and Military installations, even if they still had fully functional male genitals. This was because of pressure from the LGBTIAQ movement. In my view it is a gross invasion of women’s privacy to allow naked men who say they are “female in their minds” into female-only areas. And this doesn’t need to be a hard discussion to have: If you have a penis, you are a man: use the men’s room, regardless of your gender dysphasia.

I fully agree that women can look after themselves: Strong independent women don’t need feminism: they are already free.

“Men are selfish and they don’t want to take care of the children or clean and cook that’s why they say women and children first because it benefits men’s narcissistic beliefs.” You realise this makes you guilty of sexism? If you had started the sentence with “Some Men” or even “Many Men” I could have agreed with you, but now I can’t, because I helped raise our children, I did the 3 am bottle feed so my wife could sleep through the night, I changed them when required, and I clean and cook because it is fair to share the work, and because it sets a good example for our kids.

Also there are biological reasons why men can’t breastfeed their children, so if you know breastfeeding is best for the children, that sort of dictates that the woman has to feed the babies for the first year. I used expressed breast milk in a bottle rewarmed for those 3 am feeds, but I couldn’t actually produce the milk. Some gender roles are dictated by biology, fortunately not many; and cooking and cleaning are not among them.

The reason they say “women and children first” is biological: it is so there will be a next generation. If the men die, but the women and children survive, so does the race. I’d give my life in a heartbeat to save my wife and children: they are more important than I am.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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