You love to distort what I say, don’t you?

“you are asking the oppressed to tolerate oppression and injustice. Some things are intolerable, and calling for unity with Nazis is not a reasonable position to take.”

I’m asking Left-wing lunatics and Nazis to tolerate each other’s right to hold an opinion, however repugnant, as long as they don’t act on it and break the law. I’m asking for unity as American citizens between Democrats and Republicans, rather than the constant hate speech on both sides onf the political divide.

I never asked for unity with Nazis, the closest I came to that was saying they should be pitied, mocked or preferably ignored, not attacked with baseball bats. Nor did I ask the oppressed to tolerate oppression and injustice, unless you think that someone with Nazi thoughts in his head is oppressing you by thinking that way? People are entitled to hold contrary opinions, and rather than get enraged by their heinous refusal to agree with us, we should tolerate their right to speak, rather than engage in hate crimes of our own by physically attacking them. Have I cleared that up for you?

If you are being oppressed, you are being “subjected to harsh and authoritarian treatment”, such as in a Communist dictatorship. You don’t know what being oppressed is: ask someone who lived through a real Nazi death camp: they’ll tell you what oppression is. A few swaggering idiots carrying torches and making fools of themselves with Hitler salutes weren’t oppressing anyone. Arguably the fighting started when the Antifa rent-a-riot crowd started oppressing the KKK and the legitimate Southern History buffs there to protest against the removal of General Lee’s staue. If they’d stayed at home none of this needed to happen.

I repeat, I support Law and Order, Unity as Americans first, regardless of race, creed, religion or political views. I oppose Hatred, Violence and the demonising of anyone deemed to be “other”. The Left’s treatment of Trump and his supporters would appall them if it was dished out based on their race or religion. Why is it OK to hate Trump, when it’s not OK to hate other races? Who gives you to right to foment hatred and violence aginst anyone else. The Resistance movement is dangerous: it seeks to pit Americans against each other in a second civil war. Be careful what you wish for: in an open civil war the Left would be slaughtered.

Donald Trump is still the only public figure calling fo reconciliation between left and right, black and white, City and Country. You have to admire him for trying to unite Americans rather than divide them at this time.

He has also told the KKK that racism is wrong and violence is criminal.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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