You do understand that it is an accountant’s job to advise management on how to make their business more profitable? Consultants charge $200 per hour for the kind of advice you were offered for free, and you turned down because it came from a man? This story doesn’t help your argument at all.

Would you have considered using the advice if the Accountant had been a woman? Depending on your answer you are either dismissive of the entire Accounting profession or you are sexist enough that you let your bias harm your business. Offering you free management advice is not sexual harassment! Or “Mansplaining” either.

“Is that why we don’t get paid as much as a man as well?” You are running your own business, so if you are not paying yourself enough, you need to make your business more successful. I suggest you seek professional advice on how to do so.

The Gender Pay Gap is a myth: every study finds that men get paid more than women because of choices women make around work hours and family commitments. They get paid the same as men if they are doing the same work with the same qualifications and experience. Women typically work less hours for fewer years than men do, mainly because of child-rearing.

This number came about by dividing the weekly median earnings of all women working full time by the median earnings of all men working full time. Since the 70 cent talking point caught on, the number has become 82 cents on the dollar.

But the calculation does not take into account the specific occupation, career, personal, or educational choices, overtime work hours, or hours worked per week.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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