You can think what you like, it is a free world, but when you say “I just think you’re wrong,” the onus is on you to give some evidence for that assertion. Why is Lana wrong? What exactly is wrong about it? And so forth: logic and facts still count for something.

I’m guessing that you think American women today are still oppressed by American Men, and she is wrong for saying that is ridiculous?

“Oppression is generally defined as prolonged cruel or inhuman treatment.”

Oppression is what the American Indians suffered under white American settlers, and what the Jews suffered under Hitler, what the Kulaks suffered under Stalin. To use the term to describe the horrors of been mansplained to by a man demeans the term oppression.

Much of what is now regarded as sexist behaviour to women by men was until recently accepted as hard-wired into our DNA: men will hit on women, or at least try to chat them up, because they are programmed to want sex. Women will want a long-term relationship because they want someone to help raise their children. These are powerful instincts and much of our religious and ethical rules are about restraining Males from unethical behaviour in the mating game, but you can’t legislate against desire: it is part of our deep programming and it is what ensures the arrival of the next generation.

The fact that our DNA wires us for reproduction means that human sexual behaviour is a minefield: approaches that would be welcomed or at least deemed flattering from a high-status Alpha Male would be scorned as sexual harassment from a less attractive lower-status man. Some women will regard such unwanted attention as harassment, but if she tells the man that it isn’t welcome, and he does not repeat it, then it isn’t harassment. It certainly isn’t oppression, and most of my female friends would laugh in your face if you told them they were oppressed.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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