You are outraged because one woman doesn’t feel like a victim, and demand that she accept that she is not equal? Who’s that helping? Certainly not her.

“You are still objectified. You are still catcalled. You are still sexualized. You are still told you’re too skinny or you’re too fat. You’re still told you’re too old or too young.”

You can’t have it both ways: you won’t be catcalled if “you’re too skinny or you’re too fat”, or if “you’re too old or too young.” Catcalling is always directed at attractive women apparently of breeding age: it is as primitive a mating call as the bellow of a stag. That is one reason why it is considered vulgar and why most men don’t do it.

“You are still objectified. You are still sexualized.” What’s your point? Humans are sexualised by default: we come in two sexes and they are interested in mating with each other: it is how we reproduce. How is a girl being told she looks hot any worse than women saying “Nice ass” to a guy? Why does a woman hitting on a man never get called sexual harassment? We just say “No” (or occasionally “Yes”) and move on. Why don’t women do the same? Newsflash! Most women do: only “emotional, irrational, unreasonable” and immature women burst into victimhood at the drop of a hat. Maybe you should consider your own beliefs, which are more like left-wing dogma rather then something you reasoned for yourself, and consider that maybe you are wrong, and have been programmed by feminist propaganda.

“United States’ pay gap is 20%.” Once again you trot out the thoroughly debunked myth that Men are paid more than Women for doing the same job: they are not, as that would be against the law: Men and women are both being paid equally well when they both work in the same position and have the same job qualifications and experience. For one thing, if bosses could save 20% off their payroll by hiring women to do the same job, I suspect most of us would be unemployed tomorrow!

The Gender Pay Gap is because women make different career choices than men: they work shorter hours, and take years off from their careers to raise their children. This restricts the amount of experience they accumulate which does mean they may well be paid less than a man the same age when they return to work. Their husbands work long hours, often in dirty or unpleasant jobs, and strive for advancement to support her doing that. It is not discrimination against women; it is better work/life balance decisions by women. It could be argued that women are the more privileged gender, and that equality would be a step down!

“But don’t worry. We will walk for you. We will fight for you.” She wasn’t worried, and she doesn’t need your pathetic Anti-Trump protests, or the fighting in the streets you and your Antifa thugs are so fond of. So relax, renounce violence and get a life.