You are not just wrong: you are in denial. Every revelation from Wikileaks showed that the Democrat Party had abandoned the American working class, considering them backward, ill-informed, racist…”a basket of deplorables”. That is pretty condescending to those you expect to vote for you. Enough people who voted Obama in 2008 and 2012 voted Trump in 2016 to change the outcome. This was precisely because they were sick of Clinton’s saying one thing in public, and quite another in private to their corporate backers. Defending this as having two narratives, one to get elected, and one to actually do, is unethical, and elitist. Wikileaks also published Clinton’s gloating emails about having cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination. The most condescending of all was Clinton’s determination that she was the only candidate fit to rule; that she was born to rule, and the only qualified to do so.

Brock is 100% correct in this: “you had an inchoate desire for change, and third, there was a revolt against this notion of political correctness or elitism.

Trump wasn’t condescending; he was aggressive, even angry, but he didn’t use the condescending language of political correctness. Instead he was blunt, and people responded to that: “He’s saying what I think, in the same words I would use!”

I think you are wrong to spend all your analysis and denial on the PC condescension though, it was a factor, but not the main reason for the Democrat loss. The main reason was the Country was sick of being preached to in PC language while watching their jobs leave the country, and their standard of living declining each year. Trump promised Change, Clinton promised more of the same. Clinton probably was better trained for political office, but Trump is learning on the job, and while making a few mistakes, is learning fast. The electorate will forgive the mistakes if he delivers the changes he promised, even half of them.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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