No, that’s not sexist, it is yet another Pay Gap myth blown out of context by left-leaning media and man-hating feminists. You look for conspiracy by the Patriarchy to explain everything you see, so that is always what you see.

“This comment led to a brief discussion on the pay scandal that surrounded its reshoot last year when the decision was made to edit out disgraced Kevin Spacey. All agreed it was terrible that Michelle Williams was paid less than 1% of what her male co-star, Mark Wahlberg was paid.

Your male friends must have already been programmed by the Matriarchy if they believe that. It wasn’t terrible at all. Read your own words. “The decision was made to edit out disgraced Kevin Spacey.” Kevin Spacey, not Michelle Williams. Mark Wahlberg had to re-act everything Kevin Spacey did, so he should have been paid the same as Kevin Spacey was paid. Michelle Williams had already been paid for her part in the movie, she was just being paid to reshoot the few scenes where her face was visible on-screen with Kevin Spacey. You are not comparing apples with apples: this pay gap “scandal” is a lie: Fake News.

You should be comparing her total salary for the movie, $625,000 (plus the reshoot’s $1000) with Mark Wahlberg’s $1.5 million. Now you might argue that they both should have got $1.1 each but Mark is a big name actor, and actors don’t all get paid a union rate, and I don’t think that is evidence of sexism. So she got paid an extra $1000 for the reshoot work, taking her total to $626,000 for the movie. I’d be happy to be paid half that much per year, let alone per movie! She got to keep all that, while Mark was publicly shamed into giving his entire fee away to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. How does she get to be the victim in this story?

You think this is a case of Male privilege? It is exactly the opposite. It shows that women have all the power these days and that by publicising a deliberately distorted version of the truth, can witch-hunt a decent man into doing anything to placate the mob.

Woman paid $1000 for same work while man paid $1.5 Million!

That is inflammatory and repugnant to natural justice, but it’s a lie.

Here you are putting the boot into Mark Wahlberg, who had done nothing wrong, while simultaneously throwing your pro-feminist male friends under the bus for not agreeing with you more enthusiastically. Does the feminist narrative absolutely require you to make up lies about male privilege? Is that because there are no real cases of female oppression left in our modern free world, so that to maintain the rage, you have to make this stuff up?

“It’s a shame that it took several days of bad publicity for him to make that decision.” No, it is a shame that he was subjected to such vitriol for several days and that even giving $1.5 Million to a feminist legal defence fund wasn’t enough mea culpa, self-loathing apology to get him off the hook, with people like you still going after him. I wish he had just had the balls to face his accusers and say “I did nothing wrong here: it is fair that I have been paid the same as Kevin Spacey was paid. Get off my back, you lying leeches, or I’ll see you in court for defamation!” Now that is a performance I’d pay to see. Too bad he folded like a deck of cards in a hurricane when he saw the Feminazis coming for him.

Are you proud of your part in this lying campaign of character assassination? This was always weaponised Fake News, but I guess it doesn’t matter because Mark Wahlberg is a man, so has no right to fairness, has he?

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Al Black

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.