World in no rush to offer Trump help post-Harvey according to Left Wing Media…

I’ve got to call this Fake News for what it is: This article is a Left-Wing hatchet job. The reason fewer countries are offering aid now than after Katrina, is that the USA is clearly handling the Hurricane Harvey crisis far better, under a well-funded FEMA supported by the President and Cabinet. Trump doesn’t need anyone’s help; he has the situation under control, as is obvious to anyone who is not hopelessly biassed.

The two least serious offers are from Mexico and Venezuela, the first an exercise in PR designed to elicit sympathy from the American people, and the second a most ludicrous offer from a failed socialist state that can’t even feed their own people!

I saw Texans thanking President Trump for giving them everything they had asked for and more, without any bureaucratic bungling between State and Federal agencies. To his credit Donald Trump used his Presidential powers to declare Texas a Federal Emergency (not just a State one) before Harvey made landfall: that meant FEMA could access Federal funds and get resources in place before the flooding.

I know this doesn’t fit Democrat views of Donald Trump, but he did everything that GW Bush should have done for Hurricane Katrina. President Trump deserves to get an A+ for his response to this crisis, but the Left of course refuse to see this. Instead of uniting behind their President in a time of crisis, they see this humanitarian tragedy only as as opportunity to find fault with his style of leadership, rather than admiting that it works.

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