‘Women’s rights movement’: A cover for violent misandry!

Al Black
1 min readJul 24, 2019

Feminism used to be about equal rights for women: now that that has been achieved (in the West at least) Feminism is now focused on demonising men, who are accused of “toxic masculinity” whatever that is. They have forgotten that men and women, while equal in the law are different in biology and gender. Men tend to be masculine, while women tend to be feminine, ignoring for a moment that nearly 10% of each sex have gender dysphasia these days and act out the opposite gender. So it is not “Toxic” for a man to be masculine, it is normal.

True mysogynists are rare, and are usually confined to those men who are insufficiently masculine to attract women to form relationships with, those you refer to as “involuntarily celibate”. If these men got laid occasionally I predict that their mysogeny would evaporate. Generalisations from these disturbed individuals to the Male gender in general is flawed, but happens all the time. In America 0.05% of males commit rape (2003 statistics, down from 0.25% in 1973) but feminists are fond of the slogan “All Men are Rapists!”

If that isn’t Misandry, I don’t know what is.

Al Black

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