“Women in commercials mainly exist during their childbearing years. Most women in advertising are white.” I think that was true in the 1990’s but less so today. The advertisements I see on TV these days have a conscious attempt to display the diversity of our society.

I suspect that the actresses of “childbearing years” is because many advertisers target people with young families: they are a goldmine for selling everything from diapers to suburban homes, as these people are in their nest-building years. Older people have already accumulated their “stuff” so only appear in ads for arthritis treatments and old-folks homes.

This doesn’t imply sexism, racism or ageism, just profiling your target market.

“We know that white women voted for Trump more than Clinton.” That surprises me: how sure are you of that? I think a slight majority of women voted for Clinton because of the decades-old “pussy-grab” video the DNC released during the election. It just wasn’t enough to get an “ uninspiring candidate under FBI investigation” across the line. As Kady M says “Ockham’s Razor rarely lets you down.”

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