“ What part of an exploding economy, massive increase of consumer confidence, lower taxes, higher wages, jobs being created, lowest black unemployment, unemployment for women at its lowest, a few trillion dollars being brought back from overseas, and on and on, has you so up in arms???”

Well said: Donald Trump in his first year has done more for American prosperity than any President since Ronald Reagan. The country should judge him by his results and unite behind him.

I hope the 81 signatories are the only members of “Common Defense”. It’s hard to believe the US military had that many morons on the team. “Our most sacred values” they bleat about include the peaceful transfer of power to a legally, democratically elected President, the rule of Law, and the obedience of the Military to their Commander in Chief. That would be true even if it was true that “our people face the terror of deportations, the threat of nuclear war, and countless assaults against our communities, our values, and our very democracy.”

It’s hard to fit that much bullshit in a single sentence: you must be proud of your achievement! The only people faced with deportment are illegal immigrants, not “our people” by definition, and don’t they know that 2.5 million Latinos were deported in the last 4 years of the Obama administration? The “countless assaults against our communities” have been by the thugs of Antifa, not by the President. Donald Trump is virtually the ONLY voice calling for unity, for Americans to come together as Americans, and to show each other the tolerance for opposing points of view that Americans used to be famous for. “Our values” used to include Freedom, Faith, Perseverance, Honesty, Courtesy, Compassion, Loyalty, Courage and Humour. The writers of this hate-filled Leftist rant have abandoned all of these values, and want to deny us the right to disagree with them.

The threat of Nuclear War has never been lower since Trump got this concession from the Chinese Government: “If you attack North Korea we will stop you, but if North Korea attacks you, we will stay neutral.” That is a great deal for America: North Korea will never attack wthout the protection of China.

To Common Defense, I say this: if you want to go to War against your own President, you will die as traitors to the Country whose uniform you once wore. If Unite or Die is your creed, then I say I would rather die than unite with treacherous Socialist scum like you!

Today Donald Trump is the hero of the American working class, that once were the natural support base for the Democratic Party. That support ended when the entitled elites of the Democrat party abandoned them as a “basket of deplorables.” It is the Democrats who abandoned their most sacred values in the pursuit of power at any cost: they no longer deserve the support of the American working class.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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