Well, you are entitled to your opinion, and that is all this rant consists of: unsupportable opinions. President Trump has a plan, and that is exactly what you say you want: an independent Europe capable of standing on its own feet. He also wants fair trade with the EU, where US imports are taxed at the same rate as EU imports into the US. That is not unfair: He is calling for US allies to do more to defend themselves, and to stop unfair trade practices against the US, to stop cheating their largest ally. The EU imposes a 12.5% Tariff on US Car imports, compared to the 2.5% duty the US imposes on their cars imported into the USA. The EU is hostile to fair trade, and have been treating the USA unfairly for decades. Fairness demands a flat playing field for US and EU businesses: either they drop tariffs on US imports or Trump will raise tariffs on EU imports to America. That is not a Trade War: it is an American President telling Europe that they need to treat American businesses fairly.

As you say, that “only comes when both sides are getting what they need and feel they are being treated fairly.” It is amusing that the Left has been calling for “Fair Trade” for decades, but now that Trump proposes taking action on Fair Trade, they no longer want it!

High time this Trade tariff imbalance with supposed “allies” was addressed: Good on Trump for doing so.

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