Well thought out discussion of the disruption to come in the car industry, but there are two factors you have not considered:

  1. Oil is the main raw material for the petrochemical industry, which includes plastics. The death of the car just means the Oil will be used to make valuable products rather than just being burnt.
  2. The CO2 emissions of the Oil and Coal industries have been of enormous benefit to plant growth, both humanities’ crops and nature’s grasslands, forests and jungles. If it actually causes warming, that would be even better: When you remove the threat of flooding from the mix (since even a 4 degree warming leaves the Antarctic ice cap at 30 degrees below the freezing point of water), the main effects of Global Warming are benefits: a warmer world is a wetter one, with more rain, shrinking deserts and faster growing plants. If the car dies, how do we keep up the necessary level of carbon emissions? I guess we could build more Coal-fired power stations to charge all those electric cars…

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