I know you hate America, but this endless diatribe against the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is depressing, repetitive and ultimately just makes you look stupid: If it were true that all “Young people reject the three great mistakes America made, wholesale. They think capitalism is a bad joke”, that just means their teachers have failed to teach them economics. Capitalism works, and if you enforce ethical behaviour in business, it works very well to make everybody better off. If you let criminals exploit people, use corrupt practises and engage in insider trading to enrich themselves unfairly, that is not Capitalism to blame: it is a failure to enforce the law.

No reason to spit on your flag

“The greatest divide in America today isn’t between the urban and rurals or the left and right and so on — the usual stories we’re told.” The reason you are told this is because it is true: inner city urban elites are isolated from nature, indoctrinated by socialist educators, and immersed in artificial politically correct ways of thinking. They routinely believe many false things as holy writ, which simply are not true in the real world: in the farms and factories where blue-collar workers grow or make things to support themselves and their families. It is not about youth versus age: ask a 20 year-old cowboy what he thinks about the evils of “capitalism, supremacy, and patriarchy” and he will most likely consider you mad, or treasonous.

And this vacuous statement pretty much sums up your thesis: “These are the first generations to really grow up without segregation and apartheid as living memories.” Why is that? Because my generation grew up with those things, saw them as wrong and dismantled them. So we live in a culture which has thrown out such fallacies as white supremacy and sexism but we also threw out Communism and Socialism as flawed, evil ideologies that had doomed millions to poverty, oppression and death. So be grateful that today’s generation is growing up in a culture of freedom, equality and tolerance of diversity, but don’t use the crimes of individual businessmen and businesses turn you against Capitalism: it is the reason we are wealthy enough to support the freedoms you say you want. Don’t throw out the wealth-generating Capitalism with the Corrupt Criminal bathwater!

I’m not sure why you hate the American economy so much: other countries see American Free Enterprise as something to be emulated and envied. You are lucky to live in a Country which allows you to bite the hand that feeds you, and the freedom of speech to hate-speech your own culture. In a Socialist revolution you’d be the first to face the firing squad.

I think you need to seriously reassess American virtues, values and freedoms, and maybe show a little gratitude to the people who built the society you now enjoy.

Out of the many, One.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.