Trump Jr released those emails on his own because he knows they show no wrongdoing. He could have done a Clinton and deleted the emails, but instead chose honesty and transparency. This will do President Trump no harm, and saying it will is just more fake news.

“ I don’t remember Putin coming up with the disgusting Birther campaign that cut a few decades off the Civil Rights progress we thought we had made.” No, that was started by the Hillary Clinton campaign 8 years earlier: wikileaks published the mails proving that long ago. Trump believed it; he’s no more resistant to fake news than the rest of us, but he didn’t start it: that’s just DNC propaganda.

“ Guess who came up with the idea of banning people from several countries from entering the US even though no one who had come from any of those countries had committed any terrorist acts?” This is a lie: ISIS terrorists amongst the Syrian refugees have killed hundreds of people in countries stupid enough to let them in. Do you really think Trump should wait until the first American deaths before blocking this clear and obvious danger to his citizens? He is wise to learn by Europe’s mistakes and as President his first duty is to protect innocent American citizens.

“ Putin didn’t pull America out of the climate treaty.” Of course he didn’t: the Paris accord was very good for Russia, china, India and Africa: it was terrible for America. Basically America was to pay billions of dollars to Third World despots via the UN to bribe them to keep their people in poverty by denying them the industrial revolution that lifted the West out of poverty. Trump did pull the US out of this immoral Accord, and good on him for doing so: that is Leadership! Rather than follow the prattling Climate Alarmists of the “Progressive” intelligentsia (there’s an oxymoron for you) he saw clearly that the Climate Change Emporer has no clothes, and refused to sell America down the river for a worthless creed.

I think the Trump Presidency has turned a corner: the Supreme Court has ruled in favour of his travel ban from terrorist failed States, and his speech in Poland showed presidential Statesmanship. The whole Russian Conspiracy theory is unravelling and there is no chance Trump will be impeached like Bill Clinton was. Even you in your insulting way acknowledge that he is the President the American people wanted:

“Everyone knew Trump … People still voted for him. And many still love the Trumps.” I’m picking that he will win by a Landslide in 3 year’s time.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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