Today a vaccine against Covid-19 was announced, just as President Trump indicated during the election campaign, a statement which was rejected as lies and disinformation by the mainstream media. Now Pfizer says its experimental vaccine was more than 90 per cent effective in preventing COVID-19, so it appears that "We are rounding the turn on coronavirus," just as Trump promised. Leftist site Politifact "Fact-checked" his statement as false.

The CDC’s own data shows that after peaking in April, and a second wave in August, the death rate is falling, even without a vaccine.

Weekly number of deaths in the US by week

The failure of the media to acknowledge the facts clearly had a material effect on the election with Covid-fearing Republicans voting for Biden because of a perceived danger to their health if they voted for Trump.

Fake News took down the President.

The President’s assertion that the Mainstream Media are a left-wing propaganda engine producing politically biased editorial comment instead of objective News coverage is clearly true.
Fake News is based on telling the Big Lie so often that people think it is Fact.

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