This is the opposite of debunked: Of course they will say that only “climate scientists” have a right to an opinion, but that is arrogant bullshit. Phd’s in Physics or Chemistry are more than capable of understanding, then rejecting the crap science of Global Warming. Indeed, the average High School Science student should be able to understand that:

  1. A warmer world is a wetter world due to greater evaporation, so deserts will shrink as rain comes to areas where it has been too dry for too long.
  2. All living things are made of Carbon, and too much carbon has been locked away in Coal, Oil and Gas for too long. Releasing it makes plants grow faster, which is good for human crops and for nature.
  3. A warmer world has longer growing seasons accross more of the Globe, which again is good for human crops and for nature.
  4. The only downside of Global Warming is the much-hyped sea level rises of up to 100 metres: Apocalyptic stuff! This will only happen after all the ice caps on Greenland and the Antarctic melt, but even if the Earth warms by an unlikely 3˚C, the average temperature in Antarctica will remain at -30˚C, and in the Arctic -10˚C. Perhaps you remember that the freezing point of water is 0˚C? While the temperature in the Arctic circle remains below zero, there will be no net melting of the polar cap there, and the Antarctic Cap will continue to grow.

So what is there to be frightened of? Only the propaganda of the thoroughly debunked Warmist camp. The tactic of declaring arguments against your position “debunked” without actually having done so, no longer works: we have heard of Fake News now.

Who is paying me, you ask? No-one; I am a Physics and Chemistry graduate appalled by what has been done to the Scientific Method by activist “researchers” in the name of Climate Change! This isn’t Science, it is an unholy religion! Its prophet is Al Gore, and Unbelievers are hate-speeched as Deniers. There is a reason the Left Wing supports Climate Action, and the Right oppose it: it is an excuse for bigger government and for Global Government. That must never be allowed to happen.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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