MAGA Great Depression?

This is so wrong, it is hard to know where to start.

“ The western US, California, and the Amazon burned first, now Australia is on fire. Keeping markets on fire may be short-lived with natural resources at risk from climate catastrophe.” This is Alarmist propaganda at best, willful lies at worst.

The Amazon fires are an annual event caused by indigenous tribes “slash and burn” traditional agricultural practices, and this year has less fires than average.

The Californian and Australian fires are an annual event in the fire season, but are getting worse, not because of the mythical “climate catastrophe”, but because of Green anti-forest management policies. Fires need three components:

  1. Ignition source
  2. Oxygen
  3. Fuel

87% of fires are ignited by humans through malice or foolishness, the number of fires started correlates with the population growth. Education and policing doesn’t appear to work.

We cannot and would not want to reduce the Oxygen concentration, so that leaves one thing we can control: the fuel loading of our forests. Green Councils and National Park Boards increased fuel loadings for 30 years or more for “environmental” reasons. They have refused permits for hazard-reduction fires in the cold season, and blocked tree-felling to create fire-breaks, as well as failing to maintain fire trails to allow Firies access to fight fires. Poor Governance made catastrophic fires inevitable, with fuel loadings increasing unburnt for 30 years, just waiting for a drought and an arsonist to create an unstoppable firestorm.

We have to learn from State and Local Government failures, from National Parks refusing to manage their Forests: we must not allow the Alarmists to claim there is no help for it: it is all part of a “Climate catastrophe”.

If we accept that the cause of the fires is poor forest governance, we can fix it. Make National Parks and Farmers responsible for ensuring Fire-breaks and Fuel-reduction burns are carried out on 5–10 % of their forests every year. Nature can survive multiple small cold fires: it can’t survive a single, massive hot fire that consumes everything in its path.

If we allow ourselves to believe the cause of the bushfires is climate change, then we will build more Solar panels and Wind Turbines in a pointless and un-winnable War on Carbon.

As for “But it is more than just Trump’s tariff wars that concern those who worry about a coming MAGA Great Depression.” You may not have noticed but Trump has won the tariff wars conclusively: that is why the markets are on a high. Finally a US President with the balls to respond to unfair trading practices by China has done so and won. I see no “MAGA Great Depression” on the way, and expect President Trump to be re-elected by a landslide, if the American people know what is good for them, and they do.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.