This is mostly anti-Trump propaganda: you are hardly unbiased, but my comments are below:

“1. During George Washington’s first term, he set up the executive branch from scratch, put a bankrupt and deeply indebted federal government on a path to fiscal sanity, and appointed seven Supreme Court justices. At his urging, Congress passed and the states ratified the Bill of Rights. George Washington had no choice: he had just committed treason against his legitimate government, so had to start from a base of zero government: that is a consequence of his treason.

2. In Abraham Lincoln’s first term, he led the country most of the way to victory in the Civil War. Meanwhile, he signed the Homestead Act, created land grant colleges, and secured financing for a transcontinental railroad. The Tyrant Abraham Lincoln’s Federal power-grab from the States is responsible for most of America’s problems ever since. You think Trump is a Nazi? Take a good look at Dishonest Abe. It wasn’t the Confederates who were the traitors: Abraham Lincoln took the Constitutional rights of the States and trashed them: he was the Traitor, but as the winner, wrote his own version of history.
3. Franklin Roosevelt achieved far more in his first 100 days than Trump has to date. FDR launched the New Deal, provided relief and jobs for unemployed Americans, reformed banks, industry, and agriculture, and established a federal minimum wage. Later in his first term, FDR negotiated several free trade agreements and created Social Security.” FDR was a socialist who dramatically expanded the Welfare State with ruinous consequences. His New Deal amounted to central planning of the economy, extending the great depression by several years. And he was a Fascist.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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