This is a sexist diatribe and a complete fantasy. As a guy who spends a significant amount of time closing doors that the women in my life left open, I’m calling bullshit on this whole concept. Maybe where you live, the men were all born in tents so have no concept of doors and their closure?

In summer I am frustrated by, having paid for insect screens on every door in my home, that these are constantly left open, leading to an influx of flies and mosquitoes.

In winter I am appalled at doors being left wide open, while the heaters are trying at great expense to heat the interior of our home.

In my world, it is women who walk through doors and leave them open:

“I’ll only be a minute: I’ll shut it when I come back in.” She didn’t.

“Don’t make a fuss: the house could do with some fresh air!” Freezing smog-laden air replaces the filtered warmed air that flowed through the open door never to return.

And if they are by a miracle closed, they are never locked. I come home to find the front door and the Stainless Steel security Screen are both unlocked, with nothing to stop intruders entering my home and molesting my wife and daughter…

Do I conclude that Women are incapable of closing the doors in their lives?

No, because that would be sexist: I conclude that these two female humans that I live with have a problem with habitual disciplines such as closing and locking at least the external doors, so maybe I’ll just have to do it for them. I won’t extend this into a prejudice that “All women leave the doors open”, because clearly they don’t; I can now cite Kris as an example of someone with an admirably OCD attitude to door closure and security. She proves that not all women suffer from this unsafe and unwise casualness about whether doors are open, closed or half-ajar. Perhaps Kris could extend the same courtesy to the Door-Closing Man of the species?

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.