This America Is Not The America I Know

Al Black
4 min readJul 17, 2019

In the America I know and love, Democrats and Republicans could disagree on policy, such as border control versus open borders, and still get together for a beer around the Barbeque later. We are fast losing that friendly tolerance America was once famous for, and I blame you and your hate-filled, polarising, intolerant “Progressives” of the Left, who regard disagreement with your narrow dogma of politically correct slogans as Heresy.

Beware of using hate speech against your elected President to try to suppress the freedom of speech that Americas was founded on. Most of what you say is nonsense, but I respect your right to voice your opinions regardless of how mistaken your world-view is, but you must in turn respect my right to point out the more obvious of your errors:

You say “This man who grabbed America by the pussy” when you know it wasn’t America, it was a willing woman, a consensual groupie if you like. It is unfortunate that Trump brags about his conquests, but more so that a private “locker room” conversation between two men was recorded without his knowledge, hidden for 11 years, then released during the Presidential election campaign. Now consider this: Trump won the election even after that video went viral. How do you explain that? I have three theories:

  1. Up until then the Democrat dirty tricks department had done a pretty good job of selling the Big Lie that Trump was Adolf Hitler, and some Americans were afraid they might be electing a Nazi. Out comes the video: “Trump’s a Horn-dog!” The same voters who fear Hitler do not fear a horn-dog.
  2. Hilary Trump was such a lousy candidate for President that voters held their nose and voted Trump anyway, just to keep her entitled elitist hands off the levers of power.
  3. Voters were so disgusted at the Democrats use of the pussy grabbing video to win the election that they punished the use of such low tactics by voting Trump instead.

I invite you to chose which reason explains Trump’s victory after the Silver Bullet video went to air: it might be a bit of all three, but consider this: every time a Democrat mentions the pussy grabbing quote, they damage the Democrat brand worse than the Trump brand.

In a distant past when America wanted white, european immigrants to replace the Amerind tribes they were slaughtering out West with new white American Pioneers, they did indeed say “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” but even then they all passed through Ellis Island immigration inspection station: they had border control and admitted only those who met the criteria for immigration. Furthermore when written in 1883 the future American Greatness that this poem aspired to was predicated on the slavery, denigration, and exploitation of African Americans and Latino subjects. Be careful whom you quote. You also ignore that Obama deported twice as many Mexicans in his last term as Trump has in his, with the complete silence and complicity of the mainstream media.

You say “This country that has been downgraded from a full democracy to flawed,” forgetting how Democrats refused to accept the democratic election of Donald Trump as President. Democracy and a civil society both depend on both sides accepting the outcome of a free and fair election. Again, you and Democrats fail at this, right down the line any time the results don’t go your way. Shame on you!

“ The 1% billionaires who own most of the wealth in our economy determine its policies.” Absolutely not true: in Trump’s America, the poor are getting richer, while the 1% are two Trillion dollars poorer in just the last year.

These are irrefutable facts, on public record, but Democrats deny the facts on a regular basis. Perhaps if you got over Trump’s brash New York Businessman’s bluntness and coarse expressions, and focussed on his achievements instead, you would realise that the USA is far better off under Trump than they would have been under Hilary Clinton.

“Someone who lacks integrity and puts the needs of himself and his family before country is not qualified to lead our nation.” Agreed, but that would rule out the Clintons and the Obamas. Trump on the other hand was already a billionaire and took a massive pay cut to become President. He only ran for President after watching the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama Administrations do such a poor job of looking after the American working middle class. It is clear that American has been losing the trade wars launched by China and the European Union for the last 20 years at least. Trump is the first US President in History to look at tarrifs on US Cars into China of 25% compared to 2.5% on Chinese Cars imported into America, and say “Hell, no! We won’t be screwed by unfair Trade any more!” He and America are winning the Trade War and in doing so, Making America Great Again.

Review your beliefs in the light of easily researched facts on the US economy: you are clearly biased, and passing off Leftist Slogans as if they were facts. They are not: they are slogans, and you have been indoctrinated by Democrat Fake News. Drop the slogans and give me some hard data if you can.

Al Black

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.