They didn’t even consider CFC’s? The period of the hole in the Ozone Layer correlates exactly with the rapid rise in temperature from 1975 to 1998, at which point the ban on Freon finally took effect and the hole began to close. CFC’s are a far more potent Warming agent than CO2, so I think this is worth considering, especially given the “Hiatus” observed since 1998.

Co2 concentration has grown at the fastest rate in history in the last 20 years: if CO2 was the culprit we would have had faster temperature growth since 1998, not slower to zero growth. I think the CO2 hypothesis is pretty much busted, but it has become the orthodoxy over the last 20 years, the very two decades that disproved it. It will probably take another 10 years of no warming before it will be discarded.

The Bloomberg Article shows pretty graphs, all of which are based on computer models not on actual observations, and “prove” nothing.

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