There are so many weasel words. Laws are Arbitrary? Maybe so, but they are all that stands between us and anarchy.

Illegal Border Crossings are dangerous which is why it is disgusting that economic opportunists looking for a better life in the West use their children as bargaining chips in the hopes of avoiding deportation for their illegal entry. It is not the people who are illegal (more straw man weasel words) it is their entry into a State where they have neither citizenship or a visa.

To discourage more people from making this attempt at a dangerous desert crossing using people smugglers, the human thing to do is to ensure that no-one succeeds in gaining any economic benefit by these actions. They must be returned to their country of origin as quickly as possible. That will eventually stem the flow. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

While Mexico has less welwareism than the USA it is not a despotic Tyranny either. People crossing the US Border are not Refugees: they are economic migrants. They are free in Mexico, just not wealthy. You appear to be ignorant of the fact that over 3 million Mexicans were deported under the Obama administration, using exactly the same tactics: it wasn’t reported then because a Left Wing News Media gives a Left Wing Administration a free ride.

I see now that you are not a US citizen, which explains two things: your ignorance of the propaganda of the US Left to tell numerous lies about USA border protection policies, and I was wrong about the source of your brainwashing: It comes straight from Karl Marx and this present-day useful idiots who believe that Capitalism and the State are great evils, and that Socialism has all the answers to providing a workers’ paradise, in spite of over a Century’s evidence to the contrary: Revolutionary Socialist Governments revert to Fascist Dictatorships as soon as the new Party has seized power, and their economic theories ensure the collapse of their centrally planned economies. Only Capitalism has ever created new wealth, and the last 30 years has seen 3 Billion poor lifted into the middle class due to free-market capitalism.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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