The wrongs being CO2 defined as being a pollutant, jobs exported overseas in the name of Globalisation, Corporations transferring their profits to Tax havens, the abandonment of the American Working Class by the political elites, the wasted lives in the Rust Belt, an oppressive PC culture that forbids merchants from greeting customers with “Merry Christmas!”, substituting the nauseating “Happy Holidays” instead. It’s a health Care system that charges the Poor too much for Health care they can’t access anyway because they can’t pay the gap fees. Obamacare forces the poor to subsidise the healthcare of the rich: it should be the other way around: The Government should open taxpayer-funded State Hospitals to compete with the Private Health industry and drive down prices. The Democrats wouldn’t do this because they were paid by healthcare vested interests not to, but a public health system is the only way of fixing Healthcare that we know will work. Yes, I know it is a “Socialist” thing, but tax-payer funded basic healthcare for our poorest people is a way forward.

“Peaceful and symbiotic relations with our neighbours”??? Russia, Mexico, Afghanistan and Iraq might have comments on that front: Clinton threatened war against Russia, Obama deported 2 million illegal immigrants back to Mexico, and after promising to bring America out of Middle East conflicts actually started new ones.

I hope we do have a female President soon, but the misogynist left Wing Media crucified Sarah Palin who is probably the Republican’s best bet.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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