“ The system is corrupt and the parties are dedicated to supporting the status quo.” That is why the working class of what you call Trumpistan voted for Trump: he is an Uber-like disrupter of both main parties.

“ This includes anyone who actually voted for Trump in the US and hasn’t recanted in the face of the current idiocy.” See above: if you don’t like Parties, you vote for an individual. Like him or loathe him; he is a true individual.

“ Both parties are dead and the process needs to move to direct democracy with AI augmented administration implemented on a human scale. Corruption makes it impossible to rely on elected representatives.”

So we should elect an AI instead? Artificial Intelligence is all smoke and mirrors at the moment, Artificial but not Intelligent. Entrusting government to an AI means granting absolute power to the person who controls its programming. If true AI ever evolves, that could be even worse: Elon Musk has some reservations about AI’s having any interest in serving mankind.

“Representatives cannot be elected without selling themselves to the highest bidder.” There’s an element of Truth in what you say, but that’s not the case with Trump, who was elected on a program of welfare and tax cuts, deporting illegal aliens and protecting American jobs from cheap imports. And what makes you think “Direct Democracy” would make the highest bidders behave any differently? They’ll be on-line all day voting on more handout for them, while the rest of us are off-line working for a living. It would be a dictatorship of the Nerds.

“ It will be much better to let the metro areas, e.g. California and the Pacific Coast, and New England with New York devolve to a new the new virtual model while Trumpistan takes itself out of the competition.”

Counties Red=Trump

Do you realise that this proposal would put 90% of the area of the USA in the proposed Trumpistan? Virtually all the agricultural and industrial production in the USA? The blue areas are an experiment in human psychology when too many are forced into too small an area. We tried it with rats in the 1970’s and found that over a certain population density, even with ample food and water, the rats went mad, started killing each other and refused to partake in heterosexual mating: anything to reduce the stress. Humans, crammed into the metro areas appear at first sight to cope better than rats. True, there’s a bit of road rage, serial killings and rioting in the streets, but the main expression of population density-induced madness seems to be voting Democrat.

So Trumpistan would have most of America, all of the resources, and would no longer be robbed to support the hive populations of the cities. I think you have hit on how to Make America Great Again!

Of course we’d have to build a wall around each of the “new virtual model” zones, to deter illegal immigrants once the inhabitants work out they have nothing of value to trade for food with America.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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