The protestors at Charlottesville were originally just trying to stop the removal of the statue of General Grant, and the revision of their history.

A few chanting Neo-Nazis infiltrated their protest to say some offensive racist things, which would have been better ignored: in a free country, even assholes have freedom of speech. The correct response is to ignore them, or laugh at their foolish beliefs. By sending Antifa black-shirt goons to break their heads, and the heads of the innocent Southern History buffs (the Antifa thugs are too stupid to tell the difference), the left gives them air, publicity and a rallying cry for recruitment. How stupid was that?

“That Donald Trump, with his call to ban Muslims from entering the US, or calling Mexicans rapists and criminals, or banning transgender people from serving in the military hasn’t at the very least made appeals to bigotry?”

Simplistic, selective, out of context misquotes: Donald Trump called to ban Islamist Terrorists from entering the Country: by definition Islamists are Muslims: violent, hate-filled Muslims, but Muslims none the less. As President Trump has a duty to protect innocent Americans from all threats, foreign and domestic. He has no Constitutional obligation to allow potentially dangerous foreigners to enter the Country: quite the reverse. He has said: give me a reliable method of identifying the dangerous militants from the decent peaceful Muslims and I’ll let them in. Europe opened their doors to Syrian refugees, and are now dealing with ISIS suicide killers carrying out terrorist attacks on innocent citizens. I was there recently and people I talked to said “We wish our leaders had half the spine that Trump has.”

He didn’t say all Mexicans were Rapists and Criminals, he said they also included many fine hard-working people, just that those Mexicans crossing the border illegally were more likely the former than the latter. He’s happy to have increased legal Mexican immigration once the border is secured against illegal people smugglers.

Now for “banning transgender people from serving in the military”: as I understand it President Obama had decreed that any Male military personnel who said they were “presenting as female” were entitled to use the women’s showers even if they still possessed a full set of male genitalia. All Donald Trump said was “That’s crazy: if they have a dick and balls, they are men, and use the Men’s toilets, showers and changing rooms. That’s not bigotry: it is common sense. If that rule makes some men with the psychological condition known as sexual or gender dysphasia drop out of the military that’s probably a good thing for all concerned: these disturbed people should seek psychological help, not pandering by the military.

I stand by my assessment that you are seeing the world through preconceived prejudices, slogans and hate-memes perpetrated by the “Progressive Left” Anti-Trump brigade. I get that you like being in a Tribe who agree with everything they told you to think, but that mind-set is for the Hitler Youth, the Soviet Socialist or Mao’s Cultural Revolution: no good ever comes from programmed group-think such as that in your echo chamber. I invite you to step outside and try thinking one independent thought.

Try this: If Trump brings an end to the Korean War, denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and possibly even unification of the two Koreas, how will the Left rebadge this as the worst thing since the invasion of Iraq?


I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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Al Black

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.