The KKK and the Neo-Nazis have the right to march, to make speeches you disagree with, even to wave Nazi banners and give Nazi salutes. Why?Because it’s a free country. Doing all those things just makes them look stupid and out of touch with the modern word, and pity is the appropriate emotion to feel. The police are not allowed to step in until someone breaks the law, by assaulting the opposition marchers. I’ve seen photos of Antifa (Anti-Fascist professional rioters, paid by George Soros to fight) rioters arriving in Charlottesville wearing body armour and carrying clubs, with the intention of breaking some KKK heads.

The worst thing about these Left Wing Antifa fanatics is that they validate the paranoid fantasies of these Alt-Right groups: the left are out to destroy white men, the traditional family, and American values, whatever those are. There’s nothing like being attacked by an opposing hate group to make your songs of hatred seem true.

We need to de-escalate the violence, to get both sides to show tolerance for the others, even if they despise their views. The right to freedom of speech is more important than the desire to give in to anger and kill those who say things you don’t like.

Trump is the only one publicly calling on both the Alt-Right and Alt-Left groups to disarm, go home and let go of the hatred. On this occasion,that makes him the voice of reason, while everyone else is howling for the other side’s blood.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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