The “Democratic Socialism” you speak of in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, or even Slovenia is not true Socialism: They are more like Capitalist Democracies with Left-leaning, Welfare State Governments. That’s what I call the middle way, where Left and Right, Socialist and Capitalist, Government power and individual Freedoms are all in balance. We can argue about where the point of equilibrium between the two extremes should be but we can agree that the balance is the important thing. Governments must be just big enough to impose ethical behaviour on Business, while the Capitalist free market must be strong enough to support “stable, growing economies where the middle class is strong, and the country is doing well as a whole.”

The extreme Right is a capitalist Anarchy without rule of law, and the extreme left is Government ownership and control of everything, where there is no individual freedom: everything that is not compulsory is forbidden. When you say “right-wing communist regimes”, I think you recognise that an extreme Left Wing Dictatorship like North Korea or Stalin’s Russia are indistinguishable from Fascist Regimes like Franco’s Spain. Once the Cabal takes absolute power, is doesn’t matter what their propaganda was before the Revolution: the Dictatorship is always the same.

In my view America has some way to go to enforce ethical behaviour of its corporations, and a more compassionate attitude towards the poor and disabled would be a good place to start. Universal State funded Healthcare would be a better replacement for Obamacare than just another insurance scheme, too. What I know for sure is that the kind of Marxism espoused by the Antifa brigades is not the answer.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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