“The commodification and castration of human laborers & human labor via exploitative mass migration and social dumping requires a legitimating ideology.” I’d argue with this, but I’m not sure it means anything.

The greatest threat to laborers is that simple labouring jobs are being replaced by automation, mechanisation and robotics. It is professionals who are most threatened by globalisation, outsourcing and offshoring, but they are “Bourgeois” middle class and apparently you hate them anyway.

“Bourgeois diversity is a distraction tactic used by government and big business to rationalize the globalist-humanitarian consensus.”

If you mean the workers would be better off with a single commodity brand of each good or service, and that diversity is a bad thing, I have to disagree. The average workers are infinitely better off under globalisation than they ever were under tariff-protected state monopolies. The essence of consumer satisfaction is a willing buyer paying a willing seller for the thing the buyer wants, and free market competition ensures there is the diversity available so that buyer can select what he wants from a comprehensive product range, from multiple vendors, not be forced to a “take it or leave it” one size fits all planned commodity. that has never worked in any planned market.

Central planning is the single worst possible way of running an economy. The best way is to establish rules forcing all players in the economy to act ethically, police those who don’t but otherwise leave supply and demand to balance each other in a free market.

The sheer density of gobbledegook in such statements as “indiscriminate and acontextual negative value judgment to differences, rather than a positive value judgment” makes it almost devoid of rational semantic content. I doubt any reader has a clear idea of what you are trying to say.

I think it is “Look at me: I know big words!” but that would be more impressive if you used the words in sentences that meant something. At the moment the tortured phrases struggle to communicate at all, so express the same sort of intellectual confusion as “I can’t even spell Teechur, but now I is wun!”

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.