The Climate Emergency

I read the declaration of a Climate Emergency and was moved to email the 11,258 signatories:


11,258 scientists’ declaration of a climate emergency — Climate Emergency Declaration

11,258 scientists agree with 1,180 governments: it’s time to declare a climate emergency. They write in a paper published in BioScience on 4 November 2019: “We declare, with more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a clim…Blah, Blah, waffle…”

First of all most of the signatories are not scientists and there are only 195 countries in the world today, 1180 governments is just nonsense.

Here’s what I wrote them in reply:
“The headline should be “11,000 Socialist di*kheads should be banned from describing themselves as Scientists”!
They give away their true agenda with this weasel statement: “Shift goals away from the growth of gross domestic product and the pursuit of affluence.” That means smash Capitalism and embrace universal poverty. There is no Climate Emergency, but there is a political one: evil people want to foist the failed doctrine of Socialism on us under the guise of Saving the Planet! It is a pack of lies, like Socialism itself: CO2 is not a problem.

Don’t they know that CO2 is plant food? Since 1975, NASA satellite photographs show a 40% increase in leaf cover of former deserts, due to the beneficial effects of CO2 emissions.

A Greening World — CO2 Fertilisation Effect

Yes, it is getting warmer, and the sea level is returning to its former interglacial high of 10 metres higher than today, last reached 80,000 years ago when it was 3 degrees warmer than today. This will happen gradually over the next 8000 years, and life will thrive in a warmer world, just like it did last time. We will adapt, and thrive, if our economy remains strong, and we spend money on seawalls, dams and other infrastructure to support Agriculture and Industry in this warmer world. We might as well get used to it. This is inevitable unless your foolish war on Carbon brings about another ice age!

Green Idiots want us to have less children, eat less meat, replace cheap reliable Coal fired power stations with unreliable, intermittent and ecologically unsound Renewable power? Solar panels and Wind turbines are pollution, you fools! Solar Panels last on average 15 years and we have no way to recycle them. Wind Turbines are visual pollution, a blight on our landscapes and are killers of birds and bats on a species-endangering scale. You would know this if not for your brain-washed, socialist, virtue signalling politically correct indoctrination. Scientists think about cause and effect, and apply the scientific method: Why have 11,000 idiots abandoned these rational ways of thinking? For Politics? For Shame!

And they treat a mentally challenged Swedish school-girl like a Saint because she repeats their bullshit back to them: the misuse of children in this propaganda attack on common sense is nothing short of Child Abuse!

Hitler and Goebbels invented the concept of the Big Lie, and the Warmist movement has adopted their methods to promote the total lie that CO2 is pollution. No true scientist could condemn the gas of life as pollution: you are utter failures and a disgrace to Science: Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein would spit on you if they were still alive: Freeman Dyson still did while he still drew breath.

Meteorologists know that Earth’s weather is subject to Chaos Theory: There are too many variables to predict the weather more than a week in the future, so they know your Computer models are little better than computer games. You have no qualified forecasters on your team or you would know this! Ignorant, wilfully blind Idiots!

Plant life needs CO2, but good old Mother Nature has been sequestering Carbon for millions of years, burying it in Coal, Gas and Oil, like a senile spinster hiding her money under her mattress. It is actually great for the environment that humans are releasing this hoarded treasure of locked up Carbon back into the Carbon Cycle. Don’t any of you think of the huge and obvious benefits of increasing CO2 in our atmosphere? If not, why not? It is obvious, unless you were programmed to think Carbon is evil. Your Climate Emergency Declaration should be given all the respect it deserves: None.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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