“The artistic goal of a comedian is not simply to get a laugh, because laughter is little more than a reflex. A comedian, like any artist, should be trying to say something, and it matters what that something is.” You are wrong: comedy is all about getting a laugh, and most humour is offensive to someone. Art can be about saying something, but often what Art says is different to each viewer, and some Art appears not to communicate at all. Of course, you would have to first believe that comedy is art, and that is a matter of opinion itself.

In this case Dave Chappelle’s comedy does carry a clear message: it is a statement of the truth about the transgender fallacy: you cannot operate on a mentally disturbed man and change him into a genuine woman: this is a biological and genetic impossibility. What you end up with is a mutilated man, a eunuch with breasts. Dave is warning people that political correctness has pushed these gender-confused people away from the psychological help they need to function as a gay man towards ethically challenged surgeons who will emasculate him for money. The Trans meme is a dangerous lie, and makes a mental condition (Gender dysphoria) incurable by giving the lie physical “evidence” that the man really is a woman, because he looks like one in the mirror. Underneath it all, the man knows he is still a man, just a ruined one, which is why so-called “Trans” people commit suicide after gender reassignment surgery not before.

Once the damage has been done, the polite, kind thing to do is to treat these people as if they were women, since they present that way. It would be unkind to do otherwise, but don’t lie to yourself: this is a polite fiction, a white lie, not the truth about the disfigured man you are addressing. I treat trans men as I would any other chronically disabled person: with pity.

The irony here is that your spreading of the Transgender lie is doing far more harm in the real world than Dave Chappelle’s questioning of it. Political Correctness has abandoned a generation of gender-confused people to the worst possible outcome for them: that’s the fault of people like you, not Dave Chappelle.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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