The 2018 Women’s March is an opportunity to reflect on the mental State of the Resistance

Any objective observer can see that the 2018 Women’s March is every bit as pointless as the 2017 one. If anything the participants are even crazier, and the language in this article is bat-shit crazy.

The “lens of women” if there is any such thing, needs a good clean so that the loony Left can see reality through it rather than a Socialist overlay on the real world distorting everything they see into a dystopian nightmare. After an outstanding first year, President Trump can now point to an impressive list of achievements. The only Election promise he hasn’t delivered on is the abolition of Obamacare, but he was never going to deliver that until Congress came up with something better. And he hasn’t finished the Wall yet, but progress has been made.

“Women, people of color, immigrants, sexual minorities, people with disabilities — who we knew would suffer disproportionately under the Trump administration.” Where is the evidence that any of that rant has any basis in fact? The truth is that Since POTUS took office, 863,000 new jobs were filled by women. Over half a million American women have entered the work force since he took over. So women being better off under Trump is what you are resisting against?

“In 2017, we watched as the Trump administration chipped away at rights and programs that, when lost, disproportionately affect women and non-cisgender people.” That is because you look for fault in everything you see.

And what the hell are “non-cisgender people”? That is as Orwellian newspeak as DoubleUnBad. I guess you mean “Transgender people”, but that is also newspeak, just slightly older newspeak. Non-cisgender creates a new gender to describe mutilated men with plastic surgery to make them look like women. No sane person accepts that these eunuchs are women, they still have male DNA and lack female reproductive organs. This language isn’t just mad: it is evil, as it promises people with gender dysphasia that they can be cured by “gender-reassignment” surgery. They should instead be treated for their mental illness, not have their psychosis “confirmed” by surgery. It is no coincidence that Trans people have a higher suicide rate than the general population, and that they suicide after surgery, not before. Your politically correct non-cisgender rights movement has thrown a generation of disturbed people under the suicide bus. You don’t understand that though because (as mentioned earlier) you are bat-shit crazy and believe hundreds of impossible things. Consider “a space that is inherently cisnormative” for a moment: I think “cisnormative” means that there are only two normal genders, and surgery aside, you can tell what gender you are by looking down the front of your pants. That is what sane people have always known to be true.

“Trump’s policies victimize everyone who does not align with the power position of cisgender maleness.” Where’s the evidence of Trump’s war on women? Yes, when he was in Hollywood he was a horn-dog, and slept with women attracted to his celebrity. There is zero evidence that any of that was non-consensual, so I suggest that he is not a “sexual predator” in the rape/sexual harassment sense, and that Trump’s sex life is none of your business.

“In other words, if 2017 has taught me anything, it’s that framing resistance around the perspectives of women and non-cisgender people is not only essential, it’s effective.” Well, it’s effective in flushing out the lunatics who use a made-up language to virtue-signal to their mad mates, anyway.

Anyone who belongs to a “resistance” against a democratically elected President, who is doing a great job so far, needs to consider why they are doing such a mad, treasonous and treacherous thing.

Perhaps they should instead “Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!” ~ President Donald Trump