That is not a valid criticism. The mainstream Media hate Trump and publish anything that shows Trump in a bad light without care for whether the “News” is True or not. Donald Trump had a choice: let the Left-Wing own the media and be demonised throughout his Presidency, or go direct to the Public using Social Media. There has been nothing but fake news about Trump since he was elected but the lies are now backfiring on the Democrat Party.

How much favourable coverage did Trump’s State of the Nation speech get from the mass media? That is what you should be comparing to the rhetorical traditions of the presidency. His tweets are new, and unprecedented, so there is no twitter tradition of the presidency to compare them to, but they have been effective in communicating truths that the News Media would not report. It was a tweet that first revealed that the Obama/Clinton administration (or should I use the word regime?) had wire-tapped members of Trump’s team. Remember the ridicule heaped on him then? Accused of making it up, paranoid delusions, or senility, it later turned out that he was correct. I think he was eventually proved correct on nearly every newsflash he released on Twitter.

If you are really interested in petty and bilious disgraces, I suggest you focus on the completely fictional Russian Collusion story the Democrats have fabricated, funded and fomented over the last 18 months: it is complete bullshit, but has been reported on as fact by corrupt partisan journalists, who should be reporting on corruption in the Intelligence community and the Democrat party instead. There’s a real story there.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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