Al Black

Mar 2, 2017

1 min read

That is funny.

Maybe you’re not old enough to remember that the CIA is part of the Capitalist Military Industrial Establishment as Socialists used to call them.

Everyone is saying his speech to Congress was Presidential and that he wrote it himself.

So now you are against protectionism? Wasn’t it only recently that Leftists were rioting against Globalisation, which is the hate-word for Free Trade?

I am in favour of Free Trade myself, even though it does cost American jobs, because it gives those jobs to poorer countries who can then lift themselves out of poverty by selling us things. International Arbitrage (Look it up) means that there’s a net flow of wealth to the poor countries from the rich ones until their wage rates approach ours. This is far better than Foreign Aid handouts: Free Trade means people are allowed to earn a living honestly through Free Market Capitalism, rather than subsist on charity.

In short, I think Trump is wrong on this, but it is what he campaigned on, so he is only honouring his election promises by pursuing “America First” protectionist policies. It is funny that he is pushing a traditionally left-wing anti-free trade agenda there, and the Left are opposing it, just because it is Trump’s proposal this time round. It is hilarious to watch the Left tie themselves in knots, abandoning long-held principles in favour of their new core value: “If Trump’s for it, we’re against it!” :-)

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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