I’m not a trained Psychologist but this rant reeks of neurosis: Paranoid Schitzophrenic would be my guess. Seek help before your personality implodes. There are more important issues to solve for humanity than American racism, especially the pernicious idea that pink people are scheming to eradicate brown people. I don’t think that is happening.

“Black Lives Matter” is a great slogan but it misses the fact that only a tiny percentage of Gun deaths in America is Police shootings af black Americans. Only 1% of gun deaths are at the hands of Law Enforcement agents, and only about a quarter of those are of Black Americans. Why don’t “All Lives Matter”, and we spend at least some time focussing of the 55% of gun deaths that are suicides, or the 41% that murders by other civilians, mainly (66%) through Gang-related violence, or even the 2% that are gun-owners or their children accidentally shooting themselves? Instead you want us all to fixate on the 0.22% that are polices shootings of African-Americans, 94% of whome were carrying arms at the time?

USA Gun Deaths by Cause

The election of President Obama proved that racism no longer has any power in American Society, and people of any ethnic origin can now be elected in America today. It doesn’t mean racism is completely extinct in America, but it has no credibility anymore. It may not be the death of Racism, but the whole belief system of white supremacism is profoundly sick. It will never be completely gone because stupidity and ignorance will always afflict a few of us. Racist Groups like the KKK and the Neo-Nazis should be pitied as intellectually handicapped psychopaths, not feared. Their day is done.

You should let this monkey off your back: it is poisoning your soul.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.