“Talking honestly about what is fueling this era of serial disasters — even while they’re playing out in real time — isn’t disrespectful to the people on the front lines. In fact, it is the only way to truly honor their losses, and our last hope for preventing a future littered with countless more victims.”

Partisan, Left-wing claptrap! You are seeking to conflate a real natural disaster with the conspiracy theory disguised as science that is the thoroughly discredited “Global Warming” scare. And you are willing to throw the victims of a major but not unprecedented storm under the bus of your political agenda. You couldn’t talk honesty if you tried: Marxist slogans have long since replaced critical thinking in those of the Left.

You probably are not old enough to remember past Hurricanes in the last 60 years, so have no experience to relate the current storm to. The reality is that as the globe very slowly warmed from 1975 till 1998, the number and intensity of major storms actually declined.

The temptation to confuse weather events with Climate change is obvious, but it is wrong. Just because some place in north America records the deepest snow, or coldest day ever since records began, does not mean we are headed for a new Ice Age, and one storm doesn’t make a Climatic collapse either.

But this is not about science for you, is it? It’s about propaganda attacking Capitalist Energy businesses that built our economy on reliable Coal, Oil and Gas-generated electricity. No plausible climate change from Global Warming will be nearly as destructive to human life, prosperity and health than closing down Coal, Oil and Gas-generated electricity infrastructure without first replacing it with other reliable base-load power sources: that means Nuclear, Hydro, or Geothermal where the geography allows the last two. Solar and Wind are too intermittent and unreliable without massive storage facilities to store the power for windless nights.

Meanwhile President Trump is out making sure that FEMA has all the resources required to deal with Hurricane Harvey on the ground in Texas. If you can’t do anything useful at this time, please at least have the grace to shut your political ranting down till after the disaster has passed.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.