Svetlana’s “insults”

The horror: no wonder she was banned! Svetlana replies reasonably to insults directed at her, never escalating, but usually winning the argument hands down, due to her use of unfair tactics like “data” and “reason”. Her opponents usually lack both, which is why they are at an unfair disadvantage.

Responding to False Accusations:

“I’m sick of your ad hominems.”

I didn’t “attack” anyone personally. I was expressing my low opinion of people who parrot off blind doctrine rather than actually do analysis. I was doing that in the context of a friendly conversation with Jonathan Ferguson, who was in agreement.

You seem to think that by repeating the same “to the person attacks”, which, in this case, includes calling someone “semi-literate” represents rational discussion.

No: I don’t. It is a pet hate of mine. But I was not having any kind of rational discussion or debate. I was just having some casual banter with Jonathan.

As for educating myself? Oh yawn. If I had a penny for every time some social justice drone told me to educate myself, usually after I have just demonstrated that I have done precisely that; then I would be rich.

But if you are sick of me then don’t read my comments or comment on them.

Accused of Racism:

She gave a Gish gallop and summarised with, “Blacks suffer because they aren’t as civilized as whites.”

I did not say that or suggest that in any way. If you can post in any example of me saying anything of the sort then please do. If you cannot, then stop telling lies. My point was actually the opposite of what you claim it was. It was that it is more about family breakdown, fatherlessness and poverty than it is about race.

I posted very detailed figures to back that up.

But as I said. If all you can do is tell lies to mask your lack of knowledge, and your need to see racism everywhere you look, then that says a lot more about you than it does about me.

I will let you get back to your race-baiting now. I want no part of that because it disgusts me.

Accused of being a Russian Troll:

Everybody in Russia (and many other countries would like to see NATO dissolved for very sound reasons) I don’t imagine Putin is an exception. A dangerously aggressive military alliance, constantly prodding at Russia’s borders is a constant source of worry not just for Russia, but for the rest of the world.

Anybody who thinks that standing international military alliances are a good thing needs to read some history. Military alliances need constant wars to justify their existence and they are very adept at manufacturing reasons for those wars.

Most people I know wanted Trump to win because Trump appeared to be taking a more moderate view on US Russian relations. We saw that as a more beneficial and responsible approach for both our countries than the reckless and dangerous war-warmongering that characterised the Obama term, especially from Hillary Clinton.

If Trump really is attempting to build a good relationship with Moscow then good for him. It is a sensible thing to do and it will benefit both countries.

Most Russians saw Clinton as unstable, not very smart, completely lacking in any understanding of the region her boss was meddling in; and inexplicably and almost pathologically anti-Russian.

As for interfering in foreign elections: The sheer hypocrisy of any American wagging their fingers at Russia for allegedly interfering in the domestic affairs of another country, is quite breath-taking. Russia did not manage to interfere in the US election. But I have no doubt that Russian agencies would have done so if they had been able to in any real way. Hacking some emails, if it happened, is hardly going to change an election result. But of course spying and manipulating and trying to influence the affairs of other countries, is pretty much what intelligence agencies are for.

All of the major powers have them you know!

But I have no idea why so many democrats in America think that warming relations between the USA and Russia, is a bad thing. If Obama had done it; I am pretty sure the front page of the NYT would be gushing with praise and calling him a great statesman. If Trump and Putin do manage to work out a deal to pull Russian and NATO forces back from the brink of escalating hostilities with potentially catastrophic, then I wonder will any of those democrats be big enough to give credit where it is deserved.

Trump is still a relatively unknown quantity; but we do know that Obama’s meddling in Eastern Europe was not only stupid, but recklessly irresponsible. In terms of domestic policy within the United States; most Russians know or care very little about it.

But I guess that my refusal to wave the correct team colours and to see everything in black and white, just makes me a “Russian troll.”

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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