Sorry, Adrian, but what planet do you live on? Your attempt to whitewash Hillary Clinton is a massive fail: She was given the questions ahead of each debate, and did not call the police to report the crime; just used the advantage this cheating gave her. Forget about the 30 or more scandals in her personal history, this alone is enough to make her unfit for high office. She had the TV and Newspaper media 100% on her side, she had hired thugs sent to start fights at Trump rallies, she had corporate dirty tricks consultants on her team to register dead people so that illegal aliens could vote. She boasted about rigging the primary vote to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the Nomination. When she lost she stayed in her room and did not address her supporters: either she had no concession speech written, she was too upset, or too drunk to go on stage. She was the worst candidate ever to stand for POTUS.

Your rant is a hate crime: you should be ashamed of yourself. Here’s a slightly more honest left-wing commentator giving the real reason Trump won:

You would be wise to google “Wikileaks Clinton emails”, and Project Veritas too, for more details of illegal activities of the Clinton Campaign. Or watch the rioters burning cars and fighting police in American cities, and ask yourself; “when did democrats start using Hitler’s Brown-shirt’s tactics to protest against a democratic election result?” Maybe also ask: “Why isn’t Clinton calling off her dogs?”

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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