Socialists are dangerous Idiots!

You are another like that socialist weasel Umair Haque, churning out hate speeches against Capitalism every day of the week; today’s being

It’s Not Capitalism We Have to Save — It’s Everything Else

Instead of data and logic he uses lies such as “Capitalism’s Obsolete — So Why Can’t We Let it Go?” The technique of repeating big lies until they become believed was invented by another Socialist propagandist Joseph Goebbels. makes it clear that Goebbels was as anti-Capitalist as you are.

You say “Anti-capitalist revolutions have happened many times throughout history, which is why pro-business politicians and media outlets have spent the last century trying to make socialism and communism taboo.”

What you should say is that every anti-capitalist revolution in history has one thing in common: they all made things worse, not better, for the working class. All except North Korea rejected socialism and returned to Capitalism, in order to recover their collapsed economies. China retained Socialist rhetoric, but accommodates a capitalist economy because that is the only way of generating new wealth.

You say the ruling elites around the world should be afraid of a Socialist Revolution, but so should you and I: study the history of Germany’s National Socialists, Russia’s Soviet Socialists, China’s Communists and Cambodia’s Pol Pot regime if you want to understand just how foul the results of anti-Capitalist Revolutions are. Common sense and a study of the last Century is what makes “Socialism and communism taboo.”

The Yellow Vests and Antifa show that our educational system has failed to teach History and Economics to a generation of young people who now think as you and Umair Haque do, that Capitalism is the problem. The fact that you passionately believe in these falsehoods does not make them true.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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