Socialism is not viable and never will be. The Twentieth Century field-tested Socialism to destruction in Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Eastern Europe, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Mao’s China, and in the repressive hell-holes of North Korea, Zimbabwe and various South American People’s Republics. How much evidence do you need that only Capitalism creates wealth, and Socialism destroys it?

If they can’t achieve Socialism by totalitarian dictatorship, the next favourite method of the Left is theft through legislating new Taxes. The problem with Net worth, Inheritance and Land value taxes is they are theft, plain and simple, and are dangerous in direct proportion to how greedy they are. Net worth taxes at 1% may be survivable: A Socialist Parasite should always try not to kill its Capitalist host. Same with Inheritance although I think 10% might be accepted over some threshold amount, $10 Million say, as people won’t mobilise to protect the “Rich”, until the definition of “Rich” includes them.

The 100% Rent Tax is the worst: why would I buy land and build a house on it if all the rent paid goes to the Government? Rental properties would disappear under this genius plan. And why would I pay 100% rent to the Government for property I already own? Far simpler to march on the Capitol and clean out the thieves: there would be plenty of property owners marching beside me. I guess that is why you would “want to phase the land value tax in over many years”: if you did it in one go, you would not survive the reaction.

Your ideas on Taxation are dangerous, evil even, but the underlying belief in Socialism is the main problem in your article. It is the Big Lie of the Left.

Capitalism, ethically guided by regulation, and taxed sparingly to support the less well-off in society, will always produce a better outcome than Marxism. A capitalist economy that encourages the growth of an ever-wealthier Middle Class is far superior to the 1984-style Socialist dystopias that offer only equality in grinding poverty.



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Al Black

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.