So many words, so little sense: where do I start?

Trump was also right to pull out of the Paris climate accords: I agree that they are non-binding, but they are symbolic support for a doctrine that would impoverish the West while bribing despots in the Third World to keep their populations starving in poverty. The war on carbon is a war on the poorest people in the world, and is completely unnecessary. So far 32,000 scientists including over 9000 Phd’s have signed the petition against the Kyoto Protocol, and the summary of their research is given here.

Trump has in fact shown World Leadership by taking the symbolic, but deeply unpopular step of rejecting the Paris climate accords and everything they stand for. It is easy to play at being a leader like Obama who always said whatever the majority wanted to hear. He led from the back, a follower rather than a Leader. It takes courage to stand up for the truth when everyone else pretends to believe the lies of Climate Change. Trump will go down in history as the first global leader to point out publicly that the Climate Change Emperor has no clothes.

Finally the Cold War: What won the Cold War was Capitalism, pure and simple. Capitalist wealth generation made the poor in the West obviously better off than their “equals” in the East. Smuggling Denim Jeans and Nike shoes into Russia became the best way to acquire Rubles. It became so obvious, even to the leaders of the USSR, that central planning can never work as well as free market supply and demand, that the Soviet system self-destructed. Socialism and it’s ugly brother Communism just don’t work. Marx wasn’t just wrong, he was completely deluded, and responsible for inspiring more deaths than any other human in history.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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