So it is as silly as the projections for Global warming being simply a projection from 1975–1998 figures, ignoring the flattening of the trend since then. Now add that the Sahara is shrinking due to CO2 fertilisation, and that crops and natural vegetation are both growing faster for the same reason, and that a warming world means that on average there will be more rain, so the outlook for food production is good for most regions. The world is covered with arable land that is not yet under agriculture, so potentially we can support double the population we have now, with peace and economic development, and good governance by governments focussed on improving the lot of their poorest citizens instead of enriching despots and their cronies.

When you combine racial and religious hatred with Socialism, poor governance and cronyism, “you get mass famine, migration, and war.” Droughts and crop failures can be combatted by irrigation schemes and food imports in successful states.

Refugees overwhelmingly come from failed or fragile States where tribal, religious or political oppression is rampant, and they flee from ISIS, Al Quieda, Boko Haram or from their own Governments. There have been no refugee flows where Climate Change is a factor. If we could halt destructive civil wars and focus on building infrastructure and agricultural output throughout Africa, we would never need to deal with mass migrations of refugees ever again. Probably naive to expect human nature to change, but terrorists, rebels and failed States are must more of an existential threat than any supposed Climate Change.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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