Rubbish: I made it clear that unwanted, repeated sexual approaches were sexual harassment. Now you claim not to understand what Status means? Try substituting “Social Standing” or “Respect”. In the context, “Wealthy and good-looking” might work too. Are you going to pretend that women treat an approach by someone they wanted to attract, the same as an approach from someone they find less desirable?

I guess you think psychology is a pseudoscience too (and you could make a good case for that in some areas) but these behaviours between men and women are observable anywhere you look. The two most common traits in male suicides under 30 years old are marijuana use, and the rejection by a woman in the preceding week.

What I am saying is that treating women as having equal rights, which is a good thing, does not mean that all sexual interactions between a man and a woman should be regarded as oppression or harassment. The race needs the mating game to continue, albeit with more decent behavioral standards.

If you don’t believe that the desire for sex is one of our deepest instincts, then I’m sorry, but you are the one using pseudoscience instead of biology.

I just noticed your tactic is the “Straw Man” one: you attack something I did not say. This is a common leftist tactic (along with the ad hominem attack, which you also sneaked in) when you cannot answer the real argument which was that your assertion of female oppression by men in 21st Century America is unjustifiable:

“Oppression is what the American Indians suffered under white American settlers, and what the Jews suffered under Hitler, what the Kulaks suffered under Stalin. To use the term to describe the horrors of being “mansplained” to by a man demeans the term oppression.”

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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