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3 min readSep 27, 2017


Refusing to stand for the Anthem is an insult to the whole Country, not just to its President, so your suggestion is deeply flawed:

“What if the kneelers want to send the message to Trump and the elites that ‘we are the American People’ and we do not allow the ruling class to tell us what is American, we do not allow the ruling elites to use our pride of being American to oppress us, both economically and culturally.”

These guys are millionaire football players: they are the ruling elites. I’m not sure how standing for the Anthem oppresses you either. Supposedly dishonouring the Anthem is in support of Black Lives Matter? If so it is counter-productive, because it just makes all Americans angry, for no good reason.

“In 2017 so far, 721 Americans have been killed by police. Of that 721, 164 of them have been black. And that’s supposedly the rationale behind the anthem protests, because it equates to 23% of the total deaths, while black people represent just 13.3% of the nation on the whole.”

But the USA population is 324,459,463 in 2017, and the US Statistics say black deaths by gunfire are 19.5 per 100,000, so all things being equal, 63,270 black people will be shot dead in America this year. That makes the 164 killed by police in the line of duty 0.26% of the problem.

If you take out the black deaths by Black policemen (by definition not racist) and take out all the deaths which were self-defence (94% of those 164 were armed) the remaining problem of possibly racist white policemen being too quick to pull the trigger is real, but tiny.

Why are we not focussed on the other 99.74% of Black deaths by gunfire?

Gun deaths by intent USA

62% Suicide, 34% Murder, 2% Accident, 1% Unknown.

1% Legal Intervention: that was last year. This year we have 0.26% of Black gun deaths are police shootings so far. Maybe we’ll get to 1% by year-end: I hope not.

Other statistics break the homicides down further to 28% Gang related, 6% plain murders. 82% of homicides are Gang-related, often black on black homicides.

The above graph is for the whole USA, not just US blacks, but the fact remains that vastly more black Americans are killed by themselves or by other black Americans than by white policemen. So why are Americans disrespecting the American Flags over a mythical problem? Yes, there have been questionable cases of individual shootings where black Americans were shot unnecessarily, but against that you have to balance the 155 police officers who are shot to death each year while on duty, including 21 police officers who died in different ambush-style attacks carried out across the country. Black Lives Matter assassins are bound to make police more jittery, so my advice is to do exactly what the police officer tells you, and don’t make any sudden moves.



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