“Personally I think on balance that we make more sensible choices than men, which is partly why we live longer.” I’ve always thought that and I admire women for their work/life balance decisions. Every serious study of the so-called “Gender Pay Gap” comes to the same conclusion:

The conclusion is that women make better work/home balance decisions than men, who for higher wages will work night-shifts and weekends to get penal rates for instance. That is the reason the nurse-aid gets paid less than the Truck driver for instance: Truck Drivers work such long hours that Australian legislation sets a limit of 15½ hours in a 24-hour period: otherwise they would work even longer with serious OH&S consequences.
Research still concludes that discrimination is not the reason for the gap, as the professor says: “But the bottom line is that the “gender wage gap” is not caused by discrimination, and therefore cannot be fixed through government action to reduce discrimination. It can only be fixed by forcing women to make different choices, which is absurd.”

Absurd because it would force women to make decisions to prioritise income over family. Men make their work/life decisions based on their perception that they are more attractive to women if they have a good income, in the same way that male weaverbirds continually build more nests in the hopes of attracting mates.


Why do women work less hours and focus on family, while men kill themselves with work to support their partner and family? Because both strategies have paid off for both genders over time. The alternative is to have both parents working long hours so they can afford to pay the child-care workers who are parenting their children for them. I don’t think it is good for society to outsource the raising of your children: you need to spend quantity time with your children in order to spend quality time with them.

You may as well adopt them out to foster-parents.



I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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