Perhaps if Louis had used the word “Invasion” instead of “Occupation” he would have some justice on his side. American Forces were and still are stationed in Germany, but only the USSR’s rule of Eastern Europe was a true Occupation. The USA has troops stationed in 140 countries around the world, but mainly at the invitation of the governments of those countries.

Americans do routinely think that they won both the first and Second World Wars, but the fact that both wars ended shortly after the American forces arrived, does not prove America did the heavy lifting. Correlation does not prove causality. A more accurate statement would be that America arrived late at both Wars.

It is possible that the Allies would have lost the War if the USA had not joined on their side, but the heavy lifting was done by France and England in WWI and by Russia in WWII.

It is true that America is the largest aid donor, and it is a shame that America is not given much gratitude in return, but you give food to starving people because it is the right thing to do, not so that you will be thanked for it later. The “Blind Hatred” for America is mainly concentrated in Africa, the Middle East and North Korea, but as Svetlana points out, no-one hates America more than the American Left. Look at how they treated GW Bush during his Presidency: he was treated as a deranged simpleton, when he actually had two degrees and a jet Fighter Pilot’s licence. You don’t get any of those things with an IQ of 70.

“But yes; the USA pumps a lot of aid into third world countries. It also pumps in a lot of bombs and terror; far more so than any other country.”

It is true that America has not officially gone to War since the Korean War: the usual description of these conflicts was a “police action”, but to the civilians on the ground, it felt a lot like a war, and it may be true that the “USA has attacked more countries than Hitler and Napoleon put together.” Hitler and Napoleon attacked a LOT of countries all over the World, so I’d like to compare the lists before I make my mind up.

Louis is not stupid, he just hasn’t been educated in World history: American kids get taught American History, and even that is not particularly accurate. Most Americans couldn’t find Afghanistan or North Korea on a world map, let alone have any idea of their culture or History.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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