Ocean nations are not drowning due to rising sea-levels. It is one global ocean so we’d be drowning too, if the sea were rising. The few cases where islands are sinking are caused by their growing populations pumping water out of the aquifers under the islands causing them to sink. This is well-known, so the continuing lies from warmists on this topic are rather annoying.

World weather records indicate that the number and intensity of storms has been the same or gradually declining since the 1950’s so the idea that “Weather patterns are more severe” has no basis in fact. “However, changes in observation methods over time make it difficult to know for sure whether a longer-term increase in storm activity has occurred. Records collected since the late 1800s suggest that the actual number of hurricanes per year has not increased. The 1930s and 1950s saw the most widespread droughts, while the last 50 years have generally been wetter than average.” https://www.epa.gov/climate-indicators/weather-climate

It has got 0.6 degrees warmer since 1975, true, but the rate of increase is now close to zero for the last 18 years. If it is still getting warmer, it is doing so very slowly, and a little more warmth would be a good thing for most of the Planet.

And yes, plants emit O2 which we need, while we emit CO2 which they need. More CO2, more plants and faster growing ones: Good for nature and for farming.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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