“No it hasn’t. It’s barely been two months. Do you have any idea how long it takes a company to decide to move countries? Hundreds? Name them.”

Yes it has: It has been over a year since Trump promised tax cuts for American companies in America, and tariffs for American Companies manufacturing overseas. He also personally contacted the CEO’s of the biggest American Companies known for off-shoring, and pleaded, argued and bullied them into bringing American jobs back to America. This is one of his biggest delivered promises. Name them? That’s easy; read for yourself.

“the first benefit is more jobs for Americans

That’s a myth. Jobs require growth.”

That’s a lie: moving production to America from China creates jobs in America: no need for demand to change: the demand is already here, but the supply is currently from China. Reshoring brings the jobs home, where they belong. How else do you explain the lowest unemployment rate in 30 years? All those new jobs will lift people out of poverty and that will in turn stimulate domestic demand. It is known as a Virtuous Cycle in economics.

“ The depth of the cut will not allow for increased tax revenue, even if “hundreds” of international companies relocate here.” Nonsense: major US companies have paid no Company tax for decades because they were driven off-shore by over-taxing them. Now they are returning:

Over the past 30 years, the boom in offshoring drove our goods trade deficit up by about $640 billion a year, costing us three to four million manufacturing jobs. If those 4 million jobs return, that will create $640 billion a year in extra revenue that can be taxed here, and those workers will pay at least $38 billion more in income tax each year, too. It is quite possible that this re-shoring process will work to increase overall revenue. Not yet proven, but indications are good.

“ Decreases in tax rate do not result in increased corporate revenue” You just failed ECON101! Of course reducing Company tax allows the company to keep more of its revenue to reinvest, or to return to shareholders, both good for the economy.

“ The Israeli government is not Judaism. Suggesting such is just cheap deflection of reasonable criticism.” In much the same way that its opponents say the Israeli Government is Zionism, the two are interwoven: no Israeli Government can ignore the fact that Israel is the source of Judaism, and the only homeland the Jews will ever have.

“When Palestinians lobbed a couple of rockets at Israeli territory, causing some pot holes and killing no one, Israel retaliated with a full bombardment of Gaza, raining missiles onto a school, a hospital and an entire neighbourhood, killing hundreds of Palestinians, including women and children. It was a staggering over-reaction, and was done deliberately, because that is the playbook of how we treated native Americans.”

If a particular missile failed to kill anyone, that was fortunate, just luck, because they certainly intended to kill Israeli civilians.

You should ask why Hamas stations its rocket batteries in “a school, a hospital and an entire neighbourhood”. It is because it is Hamas policy to use human shields, for two reasons, to deter retaliation or to give a propaganda victory to Hamas. The terms of engagement for modern warfare say the military are not allowed to fire on Schools, Churches, Mosques, Hospitals or civilian homes UNLESS the enemy is firing from there. My son is in military intelligence and he’s seen the video of missiles rising from each target, recorded just before Israeli jets took them out. He says it is unpleasant but it is justified and does not break the Geneva convention. War is hell, and Hamas make it more so, so they can point to the civilian deaths they themselves arranged, knowing that useful idiots will believe it to be Israeli atrocity. They force the population to remain close to the rocket sites for the propaganda value of the deaths. Faced with these tactics, what do you expect the Israel Defence Forces to do? Their duty is to protect their own citizens when they are under attack.

“Just know that your opinion directly contradicts international law and UN resolutions that have identified Israel as a rogue actor.” Is that supposed to scare me? That is exactly why the UN is an irrelevance today: it has no moral authority, and regularly rules against Western countries because the majority of the countries are Socialist, dictatorships or both. The USA gets one vote while the EU gets 28. Haiti and hundreds of despotic regimes in Africa, the Middle East and South America all get a vote each when they have little or no influence in the World. Fortunately the UN is a powerless collection of debating wind-bags that has little real effect on anything. The United Nation Organisation is a hotbed of Socialist politicians hell-bent on creating a World Government based on the UN, that would actually enforce the powerless claims that make up the joke known as International Law, but that is never going to happen. Almost every true statement “directly contradicts international law and UN resolutions” so that doesn’t worry me in the least.



I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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Al Black

Al Black


I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.