My 3 indicators were

  1. attack on freedoms (political correctness and Gun Control)
  2. Use of Violence (against anyone, including Police)
  3. Encouraging intolerance and hatred. (of anyone defined as “other”)

Is is just as bad to encourage intolerance and hatred of trump supporters as it is to encourage intolerance and hatred of Jewish People. By the way, half of Trump’s immediate family are Jewish, so it isn’t Trump inciting threats against Jewish community centres. Who does that leave? Trump-haters who hate him for his jewish connections.

All US citizens have the right to bear arms, and it is against the law to profile illegal aliens by race, so these lines of argument are not valid.

What is important is not what Trump says, it is what he does. He has not pursued the Clinton family for their criminal behaviour, nor has he engaged in acts of violence. Democrats talk “Graceful transfer of power” and “Peaceful protest” but they have sought to impeach the President, and have used violence in anti-Trump violence including attacking Police, and elderly white citizens were assaulted because “They looked like they voted for Trump.”

This goes well beyond Freedom of speech, and crosses the line into Nazi behaviour. Fascist Dictatorships often start from the Revolutionary Left, as in Hitler’s National Socialists, Stalin’s Soviet Socialist Republic, and Pol Pot’s Socialist party. Just pointing out the obvious: Fascism is creeping up from the Left, not from the Right.

I work in IT, Community volunteer interested in Politics, support Capitalism as the best economic system for lifting people out of poverty, Skeptical scientist.

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